About Brooke in the Wild

Brooke in the Wild

Ambitious, creative, outgoing, and full of wanderlust.


I am a dreamer with a mind full of ideas that I try to turn into realities. My passions include  snowboarding, pole fitness, aerial hammock, scuba diving, hiking, surfing, traveling and being a mermaid.

Since 2011 she has continued doing a variety of cirque fitness classes that include pole fitness, aerial silks, aerial hammock, lyra, hula hoop, yoga, trapeze, and lap dance workshops. For the past two years she has been doing private instruction for pole fitness and aerial hammock and after much thought and effort she has created a sexy and sassy lap dance twerkshop series for women that is all about making women feel empowered, sexy and happy with themselves.

Brooke’s accomplishments include Top 5 in New Zealand Pole Stars Artistry Category, Top 4 Finalists for NZ Expert Amateur Pole Performer, 3rd Place Advanced Kairos Aerial and Pole Competition, and 1st place Fetish Pole Amateur Category.

Check out her videos from her most recent shows here:

Aerial Hammock (Euphoria Festival) – June 2016

Pole Stars NZ – October 2015

NZ Amateur Pole Performer – May 2015

Kairos Fitness Aerialympics – April 2014

Fetish Pole Competition – April 2013 (First ever pole performance)

One passion is not enough for Brooke, she is a multi-tasker , an ambitious beast, and a wanderer of earths pleasures. She is also certified as a Rescue Scuba Diver and is looking to complete her divemaster program within the next year. She has worked as a snowboard, swim, pole, and twerkshop instructor over the past couple years and has spent a fair amount of time working with children. She has spent several years by the pool side lifeguarding and spent even more years at ski and snowboard resorts working.

“It only takes one person…..” says Brooke, “to change the world, to inspire others, to educated and motivate others. “I want to be one of those ‘persons’ to do that!”

Where is Brooke Now?

Brooke is living somewhere around Denali National Park playing faerie in the forest and drinking coffee.